Components of the Smart Moves™ Program Model

The start up manual includes information to incorporate each of these components into your childhood obesity program:

Nutrition Education for the Child and Parent

The childhood obesity treatment curriculum uses a non-diet, better food choices approach, which includes information about low-fat, nutrient-dense foods, moderate portion sizes, while teaching about hunger and fullness. Specific topics include label reading, balancing meals, portion sizes, recipe modification, healthful snacks, packing lunches for school, and much more.

Behavior Modification for the Child

The childhood obesity treatment curriculum includes many topics regarding behavior modification to help overweight children and adolescents replace negative behaviors with positive, healthful behaviors, while improving overall self-image. The topics in the workbook utilize the following techniques: self-monitoring, stimulus control, cognitive behavior strategies, stress management, and contingency management. Specific topics include Self-image, Loving Yourself Inside and Out, High-Risk Situations, and much more.

Exercise for the Child

The childhood obesity treatment curriculum includes topics regarding the medical importance of activity as well as practical benefits. Formal and informal exercise ideas, as well as staffing needs, are included in the Smart Moves™ Start-Up Manual.

Parental Support Group

The childhood obesity treatment curriculum stresses the importance of family involvement. Parents learn about good food choices for the entire family, how to be better role models, and better communicators - all factors that are strongly associated with the child's weight management success.

The curriculum includes a 95 page workbook for the parent and child with accompanying instructor's manual for the facilitation.


Smart Moves™ - Products & Pricing

Curriculum Start-up Package:

    Weight Management Workbooks* -
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    Instructor's Manual (2)

Additional Weight Management Workbooks* -
          package of 10
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Additional Instructor's Manuals (each)
Includes the option of simple meal plans of different calorie levels
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Weight Management Program Start-up Manual
Includes step-by-step directions to start program and disks for brochures, newsletters, etc.

Customer Support Service Annual Fee
With purchase of curriculum or start up manual: up to 2 hours of telephone consultation and newsletter updates
Smart Moves Exercise Curriculum $795.00
* Workbooks are also available in Spanish

Instructor’s Manual to Accompany Workbook
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Smart Moves Workbook
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Program Start-up Manual
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